What We Do

We help a wide range of clientele achieve the building spaces of their dreams. We work with nature, not against it.


We use old world tools to shape stone to our will. We only work with natural stone and no prefabricated junk. 

Timber Frame

Cut timbers are ethically sourced to be used in our timber frames. We do all of our joinery with wood with almost no need of hardware. 

Hewn Log

We understand the allure of a traditional hewn log building. They are simple, robust, and beautiful. 


We use different combination of our building methods to create greenhouses for year round agriculture. 


We plan ecosystems that work together on your property so that they can help you attain maximum sustainability. 

Design and Consultation

Have a project you want to do yourself? That’s awesome! We can help you with your designs and planning.

Let's Build Your Dreams.

Drop us a line today to get started on your project!