Timber Frame

What is Timber Frame?

Timber framing is a construction method that take squared off timbers to make the building structure desired. Traditional timber framing used mortise and tenon joinery and are fixed together with nothing but friction and wooden pegs. This is precisely the method we use at Arcanum Builders as Timber Frame Contractors. The services offered for timber frame construction are

  • Timber Frame Building and Construction
  • Timber Frame Restoration
  • Timber Frame Design
  • Timber Frame Consultation

You can see some of the timber frame builds we are working on here:


Timber Frame Contractors

Why use Timber Frame in Building?

Modern construction methods have turned to dimensional lumber to solve all of it’s carpentry problems. Dimensional lumber used in “stick built” buildings provide the modern day framing that you are most likely familiar with. It wasn’t always like that. Big timbers used to be cut from trees felled in deep forests for building. Before sawmills and chainsaws they were hewn down flat using axes and other hand tools. Instead of using many smaller pieces of lumber joined together with hardware, they just made their beams larger and more robust. This kept their buildings more simple, elegant, and long lasting. That is the style and efficacy we strive to achieve as Timber Frame Contactors. 

What tools are used by Timber Frame Contractors?

Like any other building method, timber framing tools are many yet can be boiled down to a few core tools. Modern advances in sawing technology have changed how things are done, but the process remains consistent. The tools of Timber Frame Contractors include:

  • Hammer
  •  Chainsaw or tenon saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Timber Frame Chisels (different sizes)
  • Timber Framer Slick
  • Drill with various wood bit sizes
  • Level
Here are some places good Timber Frame Contractors tools can be acquired:

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