What is Stonemasonry?

Stonemasonry is one of the oldest building methods known to man. In it simplest form it is the use of stone to build. Crude tools such as hammers and chisels are used to cut these stone into shapes so that they can be used in buildings.  We are stonemasonry contractors that work only with natural stone as it is by far the most durable and most beautiful. There a many aspects to the trade of stonemasonry and we cover all of them in our scope of services. They include:

  • Stonemasonry Building and Construction
  • Stonemasonry Pointing
  • Stonemasonry Restoration
  • Stonemasonry Consultation

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Stonemasonry Contractors

Are there other kinds of Masonry?

The short answer is absolutely, yes. Stonemasonry is a both a building method and an art. It is extremely laborious and time consuming. Historically, and still to this day, most stonemasonry projects were financed by the wealthy as someone had to be able to finance the exhaustive effort and skill. The nature of Stonemasonry led modernity to try to alter it as to make it simpler to use in building practice and make it more affordable in the process. Here are some examples of masonry application used today:

  • Bricks 
  • Construction Masonry Units (CMU’s) aka Concrete or Cinder Blocks
  • Cultured Stone (Dyed Concrete blocks to resemble stone)
  • Pavers
  • Landscape Block

At Arcanum Builders we try to stick with the most authentic materials and building procedures. We are proficient in brick masonry and block masonry as they can be utilized in an authentic manner. We avoid using imposter materials such as cultured stone as its an inferior product and doesn’t last. Stonemasonry is far superior and that’s why we will continue to be devout Stonemasonry Contractors.

Stonemasonry Contractors

What are the tools of Masonry Contractors?

There are different tools depending on the aspect of stonemasonry you are referring to. There are also subsection to said aspects. For example, if talking about stonemasonry building and construction, contained in that aspect are different building methods such as wet laid and dry stack stonemasonry. For the purpose of this article I will give a list of tools that are commonly found in the tool bag. Some tools include:

  • Mason’s Hammer
  • Point Chisel
  • Set Chisel
  • Mason’s Chipper
  • Tracing Chisel
  • Trowels of various size and shape
  • Tuck Pointers or slickers
  • Mason’s ruler
  • Banker’s table
  • Wedges or Pins and Feathers

There are many other tools that a stonemason will have in his arsenal but these are the basics. There are some trusted names in the industry where these tools can be acquired. They can be found here:

Stonemasonry Contractors

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