What is Permaculture

Permaculture is all about designing landscapes and buildings together to create a harmonious ecosystem for sustainability. As Permaculture Contractors we know it requires special planning and attention to detail. Your area and property will dictate exactly what kind of ecosystem you can have making everything very specific. Permaculture is a great way to have sustainable systems working together. To see some of our latest permaculture project  explore here:


Permaculture Contractors

Why do Permaculture?

Anybody can buy and own property in the modern time. Far to often the ones that can afford the land know not what to do with it. As Permaculture Contractors we know that it is very important, even our duty, to keep a properties ecosystem in balance. This is what permaculture is ultimately all about. Not only is it beneficial to the property in general, it is very beneficial to you as the property owner. It will lead to less work and maintenance on the property while generating a more fruitful outcome. 

Permaculture Contractors

How to do Permaculture?

It all start with the individual property as each geographic location is going to need something a little bit different than the other to flourish. Once you figure out your locations temperament, you can then formulate a plan. The plan must then be executed to expectation and monitored for effectiveness going forward. If part of the system is found to be ineffective, adjustments ought to be made. Here are some good resources on permaculture;

Permaculture Contractors

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