Patience vs Quick Gratification

In this age of Tik Tok and other social media platforms, the modern human brain is accustomed to instant results. We want what we want, and we want it now. Industrialization is said to generally be a positive thing for humanity, but there seems to be a decay in man’s ability to think and act on his own accord. It is getting to the point now where very few people are even capable of thinking and this is getting worse at a rapid rate. With AI technologies on the horizon, globalism making great headway, and cultivated weakness and confusion amongst the populations, humanity at large does not seem to be making “progress”. In fact, I would argue that humanity is experiencing great degradation. Biblically one might recognize this process as analogical to the “fall of man”. It all starts with the philosophy an individual takes on and the creeds they live by. This is a great indicator of the psychological status of a person. Unfortunately for us today, most people have not even realized what governs their lives and have almost no philosophical principles to live by. Instead, they fall victim to the great marketing/advertising campaigns of big business who can fund them and release their influence upon the collectively conscious domain. This creates a cycle of viewing eyeballs to the endlessly propagated internet and social media data, and in turn leads to less conscious people with no aptitude for thinking, creativity, or patience.

Now before this time of quick gratification through a screen, people lived simpler lives and were forced into patience. There were less options available and less availability for information. Both the velocity and quantity of information were vastly diminished. Is industry and technology really progress for man or for something else? Materialism leads to the accumulation of wealth and things. Those with attainments greater than that of what they need all say that they are mere conveniences, but not necessary. I guess it all comes down to saving time, but what are we saving the time for? There are only a select few that use their time well. It is only those in accordance with the Will of their creator who use their time well. So, with that, I suppose the greatest technologies and things should be sanctioned to those who use their time well to do their God’s will.

Let us use our time to build and create things of beauty and substance. Let us work together in harmony and collaboration to complete these monumental tasks. Let us remain patient with the seemingly slow progression of things being built for we know that they will one day be great for our progeny. For the builders of this world, let them not succumb to the temptations of quick profits and gratification. Let them be steadfast in the eyes of hardship and opposition for the kingdom is theirs eternal. In the quiet morning, the bell tolls for those unnamed and unrecognized who gave a lifetime of work and hardship to complete a goal bigger than themselves. They did so gladly. Their light shines upon us now. Use it to make your own.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Altoona, PA


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