What is a Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are building structures that allow one to grow plants out of the external elements. By their design they provide lots of sunlight for agricultural growth and protect plants from harsh temperatures and winds. They can be designed for year round or seasonal use. Muc of the consideration in a greenhouse has to do with how water is moved through the plant base and around the building as humidity. As Greenhouse Contractors at Arcanum Builders, we use all of our building methods to create beautiful, sustainable greenhouses. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Greenhouse Build and Construction
  • Greenhouse Restoration
  • Greenhouse Design
  • Greenhouse Consultation

You can see are recent greenhouse projects here:


Greenhouse Contractors

Why Have a Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are used to keep your valuable plant foliage out of the elements. They are great for sowing seeds for the beginnings of the growing season. Greenhouses can be designed in number of ways to optimize plant life in whatever phase of progression you’d like. We are flexible Greenhouse Contractors here at Arcanum Builders in that we will help you build whatever you create in the design. They are useful in all climates whether or not you live in a cold and damp area or a warm and dry area. Sometimes these structures are used just for one purpose such as shade, or shelter from precipitation.  Whatever your needs might be, Arcanum Builder will help build the best greenhouse to suite you. 

What are Greenhouses made of?

Greenhouses can be made out of just about any building material you can imagine. The biggest considerations are moisture so you don’t want to be having wood in there that will rot. You also won’t want metal in there that will rust. As Greenhouse Contractors, we take adequate precautions to make sure your building will stand the test of time and help to cultivate healthy plants throughout the year. You can pickup good greenhouse supplies here.

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